Welcome to AMBER

  • We was established in 1995 to manufacture aluminium die-casting lighting body. In 1998, we started to make aluminium die-casting light with quality stanard. AMBER was founded in 2006. From 2010, we began to launch LED outdoor light and set up R&D department to develop this product line. Till now, our factory covers 10000 square meter with 130 employees. AMBER are specialising in manufacturing outdoor lights, such as LED wall light, garden light, bulkhead light, floodlight, underground light, underwater light, spike light, wall recessed light and stainless steel light. 


    The competitive advantage of AMBER is rich experience in lighting industry, strong quality managment, good team work in managing the whole supply chain, high employees' sense of responsibility and belongings and passed various approvals and certificate. 

    We stick to the principle of " Quality first, service first, continuous improvement and innovation to meet customers" For the management and " Zero defect, zero complaints" As the quality objective.

Why choose AMBER?

Create high product and service quality to customers and lightening the world.

  • AMBER use 7Ps marketing mix to manage and develop company.

    Product: Improve product quality in the whole supply chain based on CE,GS,SAA,SASO,ISO9001; Launch new LED lighting each year; Produce and Manufacture lightings in sustainability

    Place: Continue developing European and Australian Market; Start to step into American Market

    Price: Control cost in the whole supply chain and provide competitive price in high product quality

  • Promotion: Use integrated marketing communication strategy (Exhibition); Emphasis on online social media (MADE IN CHINA,FACEBOOK,LINKEDIN,TWITTER)

    People: Provide training for staff; Employ and increase passionate and responsibility of staff; Increase the number of staff to make production effectively

    Process: Keep in touch with customers not only in order process but only after-sale; Tracking the whole production process to improve product quality and deliver goods in time

    Physical: Create friendly and comfortable atmosphere; Enough space to meet sales’ demands

    AMBER competitive advantage:

    1.Rich experience in Lighting Industry

    2.Passed various Approvals and Certificate

    3.Strong quality management in the whole supply chain

    4.High employees’ sense of responsibility and belongings

    5.Goods team work in managing the whole supply chain

    6.A variety of outdoor lighting (thousands of outdoor lighting)

Our certification

  • 70.402.17.1079.01CDF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.01CERT_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.01TRF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.02CDF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.02CERT_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.02TRF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.03CDF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.03CERT_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.03TRF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.04CDF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.04CERT_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.04TRF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.05CDF_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.05CERT_CE
  • 70.402.17.1079.05TRF_CE