​History of garden lights

Update:06 Aug 2018

Garden light The courtyard light is a kind of outdoor l […]

Garden light

The courtyard light is a kind of outdoor lighting. It usually refers to outdoor road lighting below 6 meters. Its main components are composed of light source, lamp, lamp post, flange and basic embedded parts.

The garden lamp is characterized by its diversity, aesthetics, landscaping and decorative environment, so it is also called landscape garden lamp. It is mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, public places such as parks and plazas, which can prolong the time of people's outdoor activities and improve the safety of property.

History of development

In 1879, Edison of the United States succeeded in extending the life of incandescent bulbs to more than 40 hours. In 1910, the Couli Hall in the United States used tungsten wire as a filament to invent a tungsten filament bulb.

In 1913, the American Lanmir invented the gas-filled tungsten filament bulb by filling the glass with gas to prevent the filament from evaporating.

In 1925, Japan’s unbreakable orange three invented the inner wall matte bulb.

In 1932, Japan's Miura Shunichi invented a double-helical tungsten filament bulb.

Since then, mankind has never stopped pursuing light. Soon people have discovered that human beings need not only to illuminate indoors to meet their own living, but also when night falls, in order to extend the outdoor activities, lighting is also required. Born and born. With the civilization and progress of mankind, it was discovered that in the 1970s, people found that the wall-mounted installation of street lamps not only occupied space resources, but also that the street lamps hanging on the top of the head not only made people feel depressed, but also had potential safety hazards and could not meet certain space. The installation and lighting requirements were such that the garden light was born.