​Light pole production detailed steps

Update:12 Nov 2018

11. Bent forks. The bending process has the same proper […]

11. Bent forks. The bending process has the same properties as opening the door and should be bold. First pay attention to the direction of the door, the second attention to the starting point, the third light fork angle, the traction speed can not be suddenly and slowly, and the yield is guaranteed to be 100%.

12. Galvanized. The quality of the galvanizing directly affects the quality of the lamp post. The galvanizing requirements are galvanized according to national standards. After plating, the surface is smooth, no color difference, no sag, and the sag can be re-plated.

13. Spraying. The purpose of spray molding is to be beautiful, and to prevent corrosion.

13.1 Grinding: The surface of the galvanized rod is smoothed with a polishing wheel to ensure that the surface of the rod is smooth and flat.

13.2 Straightening: Straightening the polished pole and shaping the shape of the mouth. The length of the pole must be 1/1000. The caliber requirements are: small rod ≤±1mm; high rod ≤±2mm.

13.3 Door panel

13.3.1 All the door panels shall be treated after galvanizing, including zinc deposits, zinc leakage and zinc deposits in the keyholes.

13.3.2 When drilling the screw hole, the electric drill must be perpendicular to the door panel, the gap around the door panel should be waiting, and the door panel should be level.

13.3.3 After the screws are fixed, the door panel should not be loose, and the fixing must be firm to prevent it from falling off during transportation.

13.3.4 Spray powder: Put the light pole of the door into the spray booth, spray the plastic powder according to the production plan, and then enter the drying room. The temperature and holding time of the drying room must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of each plastic powder to ensure Quality requirements such as adhesion and finish of plastic powder.

14. Factory inspection. The factory inspector shall carry out the factory inspection by the quality inspector of the factory. The factory inspector shall inspect the item according to the light pole inspection item. The inspector must record and archive at the same time, and the quality inspector signs it before delivery.

15. Bandaging, delivery.

15.1 Bandaging is carried out according to customer needs

15.2 Before the delivery, the warehouse will meet all the procedures before the delivery. According to the contract, the quantity, weight and amount of the product will be settled, and the delivery can be carried out after the financial invoice is issued. The doorman can go out with the exit permit.