​The advantages of LED lights

Update:02 Jul 2018

Lamps as a modern home decoration essentials, in many l […]

Lamps as a modern home decoration essentials, in many lamps, are used led light source. LED light source is a light emitting diode, is a new type of development of a new light source technology, the use of semiconductors, so that the power generated by the semiconductor light, so the led light source lamp is not only very good thermal performance, and led light source The conversion rate is 100%, and the LED lamp has a long life and it is also very useful.

1, low-voltage power supply, the use of low-voltage power supply, in terms of physics, is more secure than high-voltage power supply, in the use of the process, the single bulb voltage is between 2V to 4V, the voltage is low, so it can be more secure For everyone's use, do not worry about the power of the lamp will cause harm.

2, energy efficient, presumably this is what we all know, because the led light source itself has the effect of energy saving, so the led light emitting electricity than ordinary incandescent more energy-efficient, but also help you save a lot of electricity costs. In addition to the advantages of energy-efficient, the advantages of led lights, the other is the color, led lamps are more pure light color, soft warm, not miserable any shade, and the color is very diverse, in line with a variety of decorative styles Demand.

3, led lamp material prices are hard, the light source is a solid form, so in the earthquake, led lights will not flash phenomenon, it is because of this particularity, so that led lights in other lamps Stand out from the crowd, occupy most of the lighting market, win the eyes of consumers. This is the fact that the LED lamp is shock-resistant. In addition, the service life of the led lamp is also relatively long. If there is no problem during the course of use, it is generally no problem to use it for about ten years.

4, led lights of the soft light is not dazzling, in the light of the light does not contain radiation, does not contain ultraviolet light, infrared light, and ordinary incandescent lamps have ultraviolet and infrared, permanent will make people's eyes have fatigue It brings unhealthy factors to the body. This is the benefit of the advantages of the led lights. In addition, because most of the lamps and lanterns are used led light source, even the outdoor lighting is the case.