​Type of led outdoor light

Update:24 Apr 2018

There are many types of LED outdoor lights, led lawn li […]

There are many types of LED outdoor lights, led lawn lights, lighting facilities for the lawn, and important landscape facilities. With its unique design and soft lighting, it adds security and beauty to the urban green space landscape. It is easy to install and has strong decorative features. It can be used in parks, garden villas, pedestrian streets, parking lots, squares and other public places in the lawn green landscape area. The spacing should be 6-10 meters. There are also some lawn lamps made of unique simulations of small animals or plants, placed in the lawn, as if the sculpture as beautiful.

LED garden lights are one type of outdoor lighting fixtures. The light source is a new type of LED semiconductor used as a luminous body, usually refers to an outdoor road lighting fixture of 6 meters or less. Its main components are: LED light sources, lamps, lamp posts, and flanges. The disk and basic embedded parts are composed of 5 parts. Because the LED garden lights have the characteristics of beautification and decorative environment due to their diversity and aesthetic appearance, they are also called landscape LED garden lights. LED outdoor lights have the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. They are mainly used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, outdoor lighting in parks, squares and other public places, which can prolong people's outdoor activities and improve property safety.