Brightening Design of Ancient Building

Update:12 Oct 2019

With the development of social humanities, more and mor […]

With the development of social humanities, more and more remote ancient towns have gradually become popular tourist attractions, so in urban lighting design planning, nature
However, it also mentions the lighting design of ancient buildings, as well as part of the mountain lighting design. So what factors should be considered in urban lighting design?
1. Urban lighting design first of all from the color point of view, the role of lighting design is to show the shape of the building itself, many ancient buildings themselves with color.
Lighting with good color rendering white light is enough. In order to brighten the ancient buildings, the main purpose is to show its own charm, using white light illumination should be the best.
First choice, just like in the sunlight, can truly display ancient buildings, simple treatment than colorful lighting more expressive. But excessive dynamism and
The use of colours will make the building deviate from its original shape and design concept. Moreover, although the use of exaggerated dynamic colors will make the building night view stand out, it will.
To make the night very noisy, the function of building the night scene should be to provide a suitable "background" for the city's streets or squares and other space, coexist with people, No.
Disturb people's lives. Therefore, most of the night scenery color should be light and quiet, especially the brightening of ancient buildings, to be able to play a "nostalgic" work.
2. There are many factors to be considered in lighting design, such as not using too much light, not destroying the natural landscape, and not making a large area of mountain lightening super.
In order to protect the ecological environment, it is necessary to properly reflect the differences between sunlight and lighting of mountain lighting in order to excavate and illuminate the surrounding buildings.
Essential factor.
Lighting design as a whole is more detailed, and can not let the light affect the growth of plants and animals. Maintaining the original ecology of mountain is the basis of mountain lighting design. all
Use angle-constrained lamps to reduce the invasion of animals and plants.
3. Lighting design often uses the lighting method of "edge delineation" to delineate the outline of the building with bright lines. But the aesthetic effect of this method is not ideal.
Because the effect of outline light is the light itself, not the building to be expressed. The expression of outline lighting is relatively poor. The level, details and color of the building are very good.
Many contents are not well reflected. It would be better to adopt floodlighting to brighten the ancient buildings and express the buildings more effectively.
4. The lighting design should focus on the mountain environment, temperature, humidity, animal and plant corrosion, so as to avoid the early entry into the maintenance period and reduce the number of lamps.
Waste of money.
Urban lighting design should create a suitable environment. The color is simple, the lighting design is restrained, not exaggerated, and resistant to people's taste, creating a harmony with the architectural environment
The warmth of the environment.