Building lighting system control

Update:19 Oct 2019

I. control foreword of building lighting system As an i […]

I. control foreword of building lighting system
As an important part of urban night scene lighting, building lighting project
While beautifying the city's night scene, it also improves the city's own image, and becomes an important way of self publicity and improving the city's popularity.
GPRS wireless communication technology is adopted for the control of building lighting system.
Realize wireless centralized control of street lamp. Catering to the needs of social development, lighting up the journey for the citizens. Simple operation and convenient installation have become an indispensable innovation technology in modern cities.
II. Control function of building lighting system
1. The user uses the mobile phone to send the SMS command to control the LED light on or off.
2. The user uses the mobile phone to send the SMS timing command to turn on or off the LED lights regularly.
3. Users can use mobile phones to send inquiry messages to remotely inquire the voltage, current and other data of LED light control cabinet.
4. Realize the three swing control of building lighting: remote control, telemetry and remote signaling.
5. There are three modes of timing control, manual control and field control, which can realize remote control of LED on or off at any time. The LED can be remotely controlled on or off at any time through the upper computer software configured by our company. In case of special circumstances, emergency measures can also be taken through on-site control by the staff.
6. It has the function of data backup and equipment grouping, which can realize the grouping control of each terminal.
7. It has a sound and reliable alarm processing system, safe and reliable for 24 hours.
8. The equipment file management function can be used to add, delete, check, modify and set the equipment terminal. According to the returned data parameters, the equipment can be managed in different areas at any time. At the same time, the computer software is equipped with a tree structure diagram of the equipment information, which makes the interface intuitive and easy to understand.
9. Signal restart function, such as weak mobile or Unicom signal in the region. The device will automatically search for the signal within 3 seconds after losing the signal. It will not affect the real-time operation and is the double guarantee of the control of the building lighting system.
III. control composition of building lighting system
Building lighting system control includes three parts: special software, GSM receiving terminal, GSM control terminal.
The main functions of the software include remote control of LED lights by computer at any time. The software can turn on and off the lights, turn on and off the lights at a fixed time, and query the status. The operation is simple, the system software belongs to self-service research and development without upgrading and maintenance. The interface is simple and easy for the operator to learn.
GSM receiving terminal: connect the receiving terminal to the computer equipped with software by using the configured data line, and the communication terminal is essentially the general control terminal. It transmits data to each sub control terminal on the site, and the GSM receiving terminal is durable without shutdown, short circuit and other phenomena.
GSM control terminal: it is connected with each node switch on site to control each LED lamp one by one.
The user can operate the software and transmit data to each terminal on site through the receiving terminal. Each terminal reads the SMS content, and realizes the operation of turning on or off the LED lights of each node.
IV. advantages of building lighting system control
The lighting system of the building uses mobile phone signals to save time, trouble and money. The system also adds the function of signal restart, for some areas with weak signal, remote control, no wiring, saving human, material and financial resources. The complex project is simplified and the power consumption is low.
The building lighting system control can be extended to street light switch control, park green space lighting, river pool lighting, square fountain lighting, public service advertising LED lighting, road signs lighting and so on.