Combination of landscape lamp with urban scenery and scenic area history and culture

Update:10 Feb 2020

With the development of urban construction, characteris […]

With the development of urban construction, characteristic landscape lights are gradually coming into people's vision. Especially in some festivals, we can see characteristic landscape lights with different shapes and personalities in different places. These characteristic landscape lights combine the urban scenery and the historical culture of the scenic spot, and become a bright scenery line of the city. At the same time, it is also an indispensable part of modern landscape. These fully show that the characteristic landscape lighting has been developed from a single line of sight in line with the normal role of the development and integration of the rich inner.
You should also have some similar feelings. For example, when you watch rainy weather, you will feel depressed. Why? The reason is that the color of the sky will give you the feeling of depression, so let you feel depressed. And landscape lamp manufacturers how to plan the characteristics of landscape lamp correctly, can also achieve the same effect.
The night is originally silent and dark, but the city will become colorful because of the characteristic landscape lights. The characteristic landscape lamp is not only the smart elf in the city, but also the light of the city. Characteristic landscape lights can outline the beauty of the city, shorten the distance between human and nature, and soften the appearance of human and nature. The characteristic landscape lamp is undoubtedly a kind of high-style lighting. Where there are characteristic landscape lamps, the scenery is generally not bad. It is also because of the beautiful scenery, coupled with the decoration of characteristic landscape lights, will become more pleasant!
The original characteristic landscape light is to correctly express the light, let the light give you intuitive experience. To show a refined atmosphere, this characteristic landscape lamp can not be missing, the correct design, under the basic circumstances can bring you unpredictable results. The outdoor lighting of characteristic landscape lamp consumes considerable electric energy. At present, the power limit requirements for outdoor lighting of characteristic landscape lamp of landscape lamp manufacturers have been put forward in foreign countries.
In order to reduce lighting power consumption, high-quality energy-saving light sources, lamps and accessories with long service life and high light efficiency shall be selected. The management mode shall be lively, and shall be separated by major festivals, festivals and daily lighting under basic conditions. The characteristics and charm of characteristic landscape lamp lighting and its attraction to people have shown that it has infinite vision impact. 90% of people's original consultation from the outside came from vision. In order to expand the level of vision and develop the vision impact, people have made a lot of efforts to develop more than other senses. Therefore, a luminous city is a national eye, which will make itself bright Through the eyes of citizens, the light can move the heart, arouse memory, generate Association, advance passion, experience warmth, and improve the sweetness of the city.