Common types of outdoor lights

Update:29 Mar 2019

Outdoor lights, as the name implies, are lighting fixtu […]

Outdoor lights, as the name implies, are lighting fixtures that are exposed outdoors. It is usually possible to combine lighting, installation and installation with surrounding roads, landscapes and buildings to achieve a functional and artistic unity.
Outdoor lights include road lights, landscape lights (Chinese lights, fireworks lights, cherry blossom lights, etc.), lawn lights (stainless steel turf lights), buried lights, wall lights, outdoor spotlights, floodlights, wall washers, etc.

Road light
Road lamp (street lamp/street light) The road is the artery of the city. The main lighting is a street light, which is a lighting facility that is set on the road to provide the necessary visibility to vehicles and pedestrians at night. Road lights can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. Garden lights, landscape lights and street lights form a three-dimensional lighting mode, enhance the road decoration effect, beautify the city night scene, and also make up for the lack of road lamp illumination.

Landscape light
Landscape art lights are an indispensable part of the modern landscape. It not only has its own high ornamental value, but also emphasizes the harmony of the landscape of the art lamp with the history and culture of the scenic spot and the surrounding environment.