Difference between community garden lights and square garden lights

Update:07 Jan 2019

China’s urban construction has been growing faster in r […]

China’s urban construction has been growing faster in recent years. Urban lighting is getting better and better. In particular, the stylish and beautiful garden lights have already replaced the traditional lamps. Especially in some high-end residential areas and civic squares have become a beautiful landscape. But most people don't know that the community garden lights and the garden lights in the public squares are still different. Let us introduce the difference between the two.
First of all, the characteristics and style of the community garden lamp: the first to achieve a certain lighting effect, to facilitate the residents of the community in the evening; the second to meet the style of the entire building, consistent with the style of the entire community, play a brilliant effect; Third, we must pay attention to the beauty, not too monotonous, not too dazzling, not causing aesthetic fatigue. According to the overall style of the community, two types of lamps can be prepared in both Chinese and European styles. In addition, the lighting mode of the community garden lights, the staggered cloth lights and the symmetrical cloth lights on the main roads, both of which have advantages and disadvantages, can be based on the community. The most appropriate way to choose the layout (in the following article will be an in-depth introduction, here we will not continue to delve into), so that both the lighting effect and aesthetics.
The square garden lamp is part of the public building and reflects the style and personality of a city. Therefore, it must have a strong artistic effect. Its characteristics and style are the first to embody the daytime beautification. The whole garden lamp should be considered to blend the entire square. The aesthetics, the night should consider the art lighting, the lighting color should set off the beauty of the square, but also consider the lighting effect is conducive to walking the public; the second focus on the ornamental, that is, the garden lamp itself must be beautiful in appearance, and can beautify the lighting environment. At the same time, it can also become a cultural symbol of a city or a region.