Garden lamp pole production steps (part2)

Update:05 Nov 2018

2.3 Increase the bending depth of the bending machine t […]

2.3 Increase the bending depth of the bending machine to determine the position of the sheet.
2.4 Straight line on the sheet, error: ≤ ± 1mm.
2.5 Correctly match the line, bend it correctly, and make the pipe joints minimum. At the same time, the height of the two sides is not more than 5mm.
3. Welding. Straight seam welding of the pipe joint after bending during welding. The welding uses submerged arc welding for automatic welding, mainly because the welder should have more responsibility. The welding position should be adjusted at any time to ensure the straightness of the weld.
4. Repair and polish. Repair and polishing is to repair the defects of the tube blank after automatic welding. The repair personnel should check the roots one by one and find the repaired parts in the defective place. After the repair welding is completed, the grinding is carried out again. The repaired joints are basically the same as the automatic welds.
5. Plastic surgery. The shaping process includes the straightening of the pole and the full circle and polygon diagonal dimensions of the two ends of the billet. The general tolerance is <±2mm. The straightness error of the billet does not exceed: ≤±1.5/1000.
6. Head together. In the same process, the bent tube ends are flattened at both ends to ensure that the nozzle is perpendicular to the center line, and there is no unevenness in angle and height, and at the same time, the end surface is polished after being flattened.
7. Install the bottom plate. The key to spot welding the bottom flange and the rib is to ensure that the bottom flange is perpendicular to the straight centerline of the lamp, the rib is perpendicular to the bottom flange, and is parallel to the straight busbar.
8. Solder flange and ribs. Welding requirements refer to the national standard welding process to ensure that the welding quality of the welded joints is beautiful, without pores and slag inclusions.
9. Open the door. This process must be daring during the work process. (1) First, you must see the drawing to determine the direction of the door, and then position it according to the size of the drawing. Dimensions include: up and down, left and right, and the size of the door frame. The plasma cutting should be careful, ensuring that the kerf is straight, and the cut door and the lamp pole are soldered with electric welding.
10. Welding strips, electrical strips, lock seats. When the door strip is welded, the door strip of 20mm width is extended 8-10mm, especially when spot welding, the door strip should be close to the lamp post, and the welding should be firm. The welding electric strip and the lock seat are mainly positioned according to the drawing, and the lock seat is welded in the middle of the door with an error of ≤±2mm, and the above level is maintained, and the light pole cannot be exceeded.