Garden light pole foundation

Update:19 Nov 2018

basis The flange is an important component for the inst […]


The flange is an important component for the installation of the courtyard light pole and the ground. Garden lamp installation method: Before installing the garden lamp, it is necessary to use the M16 or M20 (common specification) screw to weld the base cage according to the standard flange size provided by the manufacturer, and then excavate the pothole of the appropriate size at the installation site. The foundation cage is placed therein, and after horizontal correction, cement concrete is used to water the concrete cage, and after 3-7 days, the cement concrete is fully solidified, and the garden lamp can be installed. (Note: the pre-buried pipeline needs to be taken out when the garden light is poured.)

installation steps:

When installing the garden light, open the package and check the integrity of the garden light. Refer to the product manual for assembly and wiring. The general steps are: open the lamp housing, install the light source and supporting electrical appliances (electrical wiring refer to the electrical manual), and take the lead wire The threading hole is led out to the bottom of the pole, then the lamp head is linked with the pole, pay attention to tighten the fastening screw, and then align the garden lamp flange with the basic embedded screw and stand vertically. Then use a nut or pad to level the flat to tighten the mounting nut.

Garden light circuit wiring:

After the installation of the garden light, you can refer to the manual and the electrical code for wiring work. It should be noted that the installation wiring needs to be grounded. Generally, the garden light will be reserved for grounding to prevent safety hazards.