Green function of European landscape lamp

Update:20 Dec 2019

European landscape lamp is closely related to greening. […]

European landscape lamp is closely related to greening. For the whole city, courtyard lighting and greening can beautify the city respectively, which are interdependent and complementary.


During the day, trees and grass can cover up some shortcomings of street lights; at night, street lights can give trees, green grass and green leaves a bright light, highlighting the vitality of trees, green grass and green leaves. If the construction of landscape lighting is not coordinated or deviated from the greening, it will not only affect the beauty of the city, but also cause great trouble to the maintenance of street lamp Greening (especially the courtyard lamp installed on the sidewalk), or the lampshade is easily broken by the branches when the wind and rain are mixed, or the transmission of the lamp is blocked by the branches and leaves, affecting the lighting. Therefore, the construction of landscape lighting must be connected with the greening construction. When selecting the types of lamps and greening seedlings, attention should be paid to the coordination of the distance between lamps and trees. Only in this way can landscape lighting and green construction be organically combined.

Urban landscape lighting transmits rich cultural information. Its cultural content is far greater than that of science and technology. Its artistic value has exceeded its value as a product itself. It embodies the ingenious conception of light, shadow and color and the perfect combination of creativity and high-tech means, which has attracted the attention of the whole world. The key to success lies in guiding new economic concepts (talent economy, creative economy, attention economy) to leave valuable wealth for the world. Landscape lighting is designed to meet the needs of night view.


Therefore, we must emphasize people-oriented, not only to provide elegant and comfortable lighting environment, but also to provide a safe lighting environment. In the design, the lighting design effect can be achieved by reasonably setting the position of lamps, selecting cut-off lamps, adding sunshades and grilles, avoiding the production and safety hazards of courtyard lamps.