How can bedroom lighting design be done well

Update:08 Oct 2019

Bedroom is the rest space, soft and comfortable light a […]

Bedroom is the rest space, soft and comfortable light and humanized switch control is particularly important. If on a cold winter night, I get into bed and tuck in the quilt, but I forget to turn off the light, the switch is still out of reach, what a painful thing.

Because the bedroom needs soft light, it can even consider no main lamp lighting, with [barrel lamp/spotlight/lamp belt] to provide basic lighting, key areas such as bedside lamp/wall lamp, wardrobe use inductive wardrobe lamp, the elderly's room can also design footlights, to provide a soft night light for the elderly at night.

In our bedroom, we can also learn from the lighting design of the hotel. We use several different lighting sources to enrich the bedroom lighting, which is soft, eye-friendly and sleep-friendly. In addition, the ceiling lamp, pendant lamp and lamp belt of the basic lighting should use a double-control switch (a switch at the entrance position and a switch at the bedside). After lying down, it is not afraid to forget to turn off the lamp. Anyway, you can turn it off by stretching your hand.

Lamp Belt (Decorative Lighting & Basic Lighting) +Table Lamp/Floor Lamp (Key Lighting)
Installing a lamp belt in the middle or under the shelf is like a person's eyes turning into eyeliner, enlarging their eyes and increasing their aesthetic feeling. The lamp belt on the shelf can bring light with line and space sense to the room, and also make the display on the shelf more prominent.

Lamp Belt (Decorative Lighting & Basic Lighting)

Top Embedded Tube Lamp (Basic Lighting)+Wall Embedded Tube Lamp (Decorative Lighting)+Table Lamp (Key Lighting)
There is another place in the bedroom where there is a greater demand for lights, that is, the wardrobe. With the lamp, I feel that the clothes are a little high-end. It is suggested to install led induction lamp in wardrobe. Open the door and turn off the lamp. It doesn't matter if there are no sockets around the wardrobe. There are plug in, charging and battery options in the all-purpose bar.