How to choose courtyard lamp?

Update:23 Nov 2019

With the increasing popularity of courtyard houses, the […]

With the increasing popularity of courtyard houses, there are more and more kinds of courtyard lamps. Courtyard lamps can not only illuminate the courtyard, but also decorate the courtyard. But are various courtyard lamps dazzling you? If you don't know how to choose them, then I will analyze them for you.

1. Select according to style
In the courtyard we usually see, there are various styles, such as Chinese, European, Japanese and so on. When we choose the courtyard lamp, we naturally need to choose according to the corresponding courtyard style.
2. Select according to the light source
Courtyard lights are only opened at night, and the temperature is relatively low at night. So when we choose, we should try to choose the courtyard lights with warm light source, so that we can give people a warm feeling at night.

3. Select according to lightning protection
The yard is an open space, so it will naturally encounter thunderstorms, so we have to choose a yard lamp with strong lightning protection. If it is not selected properly, it will not only damage the yard lights, but also cause fire due to lightning.


4. Select according to the power supply mode
Nowadays, there are two different ways of power supply for courtyard lamps in the market. One is to use the same wire as the ordinary lamps, and the other is the more popular solar power supply. The first kind of courtyard lamp is better than stable, and the second one is more energy-saving.

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