How to distinguish inferior street lamp poles

Update:06 Sep 2019

When purchasing street lamps, buyers tend to pay more a […]

When purchasing street lamps, buyers tend to pay more attention to the quality of lamps and lanterns, and spend a lot of attention on style or brightness, thus ignoring the choice of lamp poles. Likewise, as the main component of street lamp, if the quality of lamp pole is not good, it will cause many problems, and even bury potential safety hazards for the future. Street lamp poles with substandard quality have poor corrosion resistance, easy to rust, weak impact resistance, beautiful effect and poor waterproofing effect. It will not only bring inconvenience for daily use, but also greatly shorten the service life. In order to pursue greater profits, some bad enterprises produce inferior lamp poles in large quantities. Buyers must wipe their eyes and distinguish them carefully. We must pay attention to these aspects when choosing high quality lamp poles.

I. Lamp pole board
Steel has high strength, strong plasticity and good toughness. It is the most mainstream material for manufacturing lamp poles at present. High quality steel can even withstand the strong wind above grade 12 in nature. There are good quality steels and poor quality steels, which are called non-standard steels because the production requirements do not meet the national standards. When a lamp pole is manufactured by a lamp manufacturer, non-standard steel is used. However, the thickness of non-standard steel is thinner. In order to meet the acceptance criteria, poor manufacturers often increase the thickness of lamp poles by spraying plastic several times. The lamp pole produced in this way can easily shake or deform under strong wind. The most effective way to judge whether a street lamp pole meets the standard is to weigh it. If you don't know the specifications and weights of the lamp pole, it's better to compare the goods with three ones. Under the same specifications, if the weight is too light, you can consider non-standard.
2. Welding of lamp pole
Welding is one of the important links of street lamp processing technology. Poor welding will eventually lead to lamp pole fracture. Therefore, lamp pole welding must be strictly required. Street lamp pole welding can be used not only by machine but also by man. Generally, the welding behind the lamp pole reel is automatic submerged arc welding, machine welding, the rod body is smooth and uniform. In the remaining local areas, machine welding can not be operated, so it needs to be done manually, which requires high technical requirements. Observed carefully, the surface of good welding technology is smooth, and there are no obvious defects such as gas holes, welding nodules, undercut and so on.

3. Galvanizing of Street Lamp Poles
The galvanizing of street lamp pole is mainly cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. Both galvanizing methods are for anticorrosion and prolong the service life of street lamp. However, the galvanizing layer of hot galvanizing is tens of times thicker than that of cold galvanizing, and its corrosion resistance is also tens of times that of cold galvanizing. Learning to distinguish between cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing will create a favorable condition for your street lamp shopping trip. Cold galvanizing is smooth and bright. There are no zinc tumors and caking on the whole workpiece. Hot-dip galvanizing is rough, silver-white, with process lines and a few droplets on the surface, especially at one end of the workpiece.
4. Spray-moulding of lamp poles
The purpose of spraying lamp pole is to make it beautiful and to prevent corrosion. Spray-moulded lamp poles with unclear colours are also substandard products. Therefore, regular street lamp manufacturers have a grinding process before spraying, so that spraying can be uniform and the color is more pure. In order to understand the production process of the factory, it is necessary to visit the factory. Judging the quality of lamp pole depends not only on material, but also on technology. The lamp pole of high quality is safe and reliable, and its minimum life can reach 25 years.