How to Fixed Point Layout of Courtyard Lamp

Update:27 Jul 2019

Let's see that there are three ways to install courtyar […]

Let's see that there are three ways to install courtyard lights: one-sided, two-sided and symmetrical. Landscape lamps use different shapes, different light and brightness to create scenery. For example, the red light lantern shape landscape lantern brings a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lamp stands out a tropical style beside the pool.

If the width of the road is not more than 5 meters, then the unilateral lighting method is suitable for the courtyard lamp. When the width of road illumination is 5-0 meters, it is recommended that the method of cross lamp arrangement be adopted. When the width of road illumination exceeds 0 meters, the method of relative symmetrical lamp arrangement on both sides should be adopted.
At T-junction, a lamp can be arranged near the triangle of T-junction, and at least two lamps can be arranged near the intersection for illumination. The courtyard lamp manufacturer has the characteristics of diversity, beauty, beautification and decoration environment, so it is also called landscape courtyard lamp. Mainly used in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential areas, tourist attractions.

There are usually surveillance cameras at intersections, which need to be photographed clearly. Generally, it is a good choice to arrange according to the shooting requirements. Courtyard lamp manufacturer outdoor lighting, usually refers to the outdoor road lighting under 6 meters, its main components are: light source, lamps, lamp poles, flanges, basic embedded parts 5 parts. In the bend, solar courtyard lights are usually arranged on the outside of the bend, so as to avoid the traffic outside hitting the lamp pole.

Any method of lighting arrangement must achieve installation effect and play the role of energy saving and greening. Lighting requirements in some places are not high, which can shorten the lighting time. In some areas, which require all-night lighting, street lamp manufacturers need to configure high-parameter solar courtyard lamps.
After that, we choose the style of solar courtyard lamp, and choose the suitable style according to the environment near the place, mainly to coordinate the environment.