How to lay out the lights when installing the courtyard lights to make the courtyard more beautiful

Update:16 Aug 2019

Courtyard lights are mainly used in urban slow lanes, n […]

Courtyard lights are mainly used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions and so on. Various styles, in order to achieve the effect of installation brightness, so the lighting of the yard lamp is still very important, now Xiaobian shares with you a specific little common sense about how to arrange the lights in the yard, I hope to help you.

There are three kinds of lamp layout methods in the installation of courtyard lamp: one-sided lamp layout, two-sided cross lamp layout and two-sided symmetrical lamp layout.
If the width of the road surface is not more than 5 meters, then the single-side lighting method is suitable for the courtyard lamp; if the width of the road surface is 10 meters, the small edition suggests the cross-side lighting method for installation; if the width of the road is more than 10 meters, the relative symmetrical lighting method for both sides should be adopted for installation.

If the courtyard lamp is installed at the T-junction, a lamp can be arranged in the triangle and at least two lamps can be arranged near the intersection for lighting. Courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting, usually refers to the outdoor road lighting under 6 meters. Its main components are light source, lamps, lamp pole, flange and basic embedded parts.

Having said so much, I wonder if you understand? In a word, any method of lighting arrangement must achieve installation effect and play the role of energy saving and greening. In some places, lighting requirements are not high, so lighting time can be shortened. In some areas, full night lighting is required, so it is necessary for courtyard lamp manufacturers to configure energy-saving controllers to set the power of lighting.