Introduction to lawn light types

Update:08 May 2019

Type introduction Since the development of lawn lamps, […]

Type introduction
Since the development of lawn lamps, different types have been derived according to the use environment and design style. They are divided into six categories: European lawn lamps, modern lawn lamps, classical lawn lamps, anti-theft lawn lamps, landscape lawn lamps and LED lawn lamps.
European lamp
Its design style adopts some European art elements in European countries and abstracts its expression.
Modern lamp
Its design style uses modern art elements and uses a simple style.
Classical lamp
Its design uses Chinese classical elements to be applied and modified, such as: palace lanterns.
These three types of lawn lamps represent different styles and are derived from most manufacturers in order to cater to the design style of urban buildings.

Anti-theft light
The design is to prevent the phenomenon of theft of lawn lamps sold by some criminal gangs in the society. The anti-theft lawn lamps are mostly made of polymer composite materials, and their strength and corrosivity are slightly higher than steel and aluminum, but they are expensive.
Craft light
Traditional lawn lamps use too much plastic or hardware, and the shapes are modern and simple. The lawn lamp integrates the elements of the crafts on the basis of the traditional lawn lamp, and the shape is more abundant. The design is mostly based on the courtyard decoration, supplemented by the lighting function. Products are made of glass, wrought iron, resin, Eva, plastic and composite materials. The main design elements are flowers, animals, characters, and holiday themes.