Landscape lamp

Update:14 Mar 2020

Lighting design is an essential part of garden landscap […]

Lighting design is an essential part of garden landscape. It makes use of the dim night and the changing light, which can make the garden show different interest from the day.

Let's take a look at the principles that landscape lamp design should follow:
1、 People oriented
All night view environment design and transformation are for people, so we should follow the people-oriented, especially residential landscape lighting, should be from the perspective of residents' living comfort, to adapt to people's daily life habits. We should not blindly pursue beauty and artistic modeling and ignore the impact on people's daily life.
Garden lights are generally set at the entrances and exits, squares, traffic thoroughfares, both sides of Garden Road and intersections, steps, around buildings, waterscape fountains, sculptures, lawn edges, etc.

3、 Select the appropriate lamp post height
Ensure a uniform illumination. In addition to the uniform location and reasonable distance of the lamps, the height of the lamp post shall be appropriate. The height of the garden lamp is related to its use. Generally, the height of the garden lamp is about 3M; for a large number of people moving space, the height of the garden lamp is generally about 4m to 6m; and the height of the lamp used for scenery matching should be determined according to the situation.

4、 Varied forms, highlighting Art
Lighting design can enrich the night environment, the design can not be uniform, otherwise it will appear monotonous. So no matter in the color, or in the shape of lamps and lanterns, we should be ingenious. While not affecting the overall effect, various forms combine with each other, complement each other and set off each other, perfectly combining function and art.
5、 Energy saving and environmental protection
In the design of landscape lighting, we should take green lighting as the concept, reasonably arrange lights and select lamps, and select new light source products with energy saving and low carbon, so as to effectively solve the problem of energy waste and light pollution, thus improving the living environment and lighting quality.