Lawn lamp pole main material

Update:30 Apr 2019

Lamp More than 80% of the reflectors, translucent cover […]

More than 80% of the reflectors, translucent cover with a transmittance of more than 90%, high IP rating to prevent the penetration of mosquitoes and rain, and a reasonable light distribution cover and internal structure to prevent glare from affecting the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. . , cutting wire 2, welding lamp bead 3, making lamp board 4, measuring light board 5, coating thermal grease 6, fixing lamp board 7, welding wire 8, fixed reflector 9, glass cover 10, plugging head 11, Connect the power cord 12, test, aging 13, inspection, labeling 14, packing, storage.
The main materials of lawn lamp poles are: equal-diameter steel pipe, opposite-shaped steel pipe, equal-diameter aluminum pipe, cast aluminum lawn lamp, aluminum alloy lawn lamp. Commonly used diameters are Φ60, Φ76, Φ89, Φ100, Φ114, Φ140, Φ165. According to the height and the place used, the thickness of the selected material is divided into: wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, wall thickness 3.5. (The above is the regular size)
Production process: 1, blanking, bending 3, welding 4, repairing and polishing 5, shaping 6, aligning 7, mounting the bottom plate 8, welding the bottom plate 9, opening the door 10, welding the door strip 11, the electric strip 12, the lock bottom 13 , curved fork 14, galvanized 15, spray 16, inspection 17, delivery