LED light fixture

Update:08 Oct 2018

Lamp More than 80% of the reflectors, translucent cover […]


More than 80% of the reflectors, translucent cover with a light transmittance of more than 90%, high IP rating to prevent mosquitoes and rainwater penetration, and a reasonable light distribution cover and internal structure to prevent glare from affecting pedestrians and vehicles. . , cutting wire 2, welding lamp bead 3, making lamp board 4, measuring light board 5, coating thermal grease 6, fixing lamp board 7, welding wire 8, fixed reflector 9, glass cover 10, plugging head 11, Connect the power cord 12, test, aging 13, inspection, labeling 14, packing, storage.

Detailed steps for the production of lamps:

Cut the wire to make the wire, take 1.0mm? red, black copper core multi-strand line, each cut 6 segments 40mm, stripped ends 5mm at both ends, and dipped in tin. Make the lamp board lead, take YC2X1.0mm? two core wire, cut a section of 700mm, peel the outer skin 60mm, brown line peeling head 5mm, immersion tin; blue line peeling head 5mm, immersion tin. The outer end peeled off the outer skin 80mm, the brown line peeled head 20mm; the blue line peeled head 20mm.

1) The length of the wire and the size of the peeling head should be strictly consistent.

2) When peeling the user's wire sheath, do not injure the inner wire.

3) The immersion tin should be even and smooth. The welding lamp bead is used as the light board to take the aluminum substrate, and it is placed on the workbench flatly, and evenly and appropriately coated with the thermal grease in the range of the lamp bead icon. Take the lamp beads, look at the positive and negative poles, and place them on the lamp bead icon. Use a soldering iron and tin to solder the positive and negative pins to make a light board.