​Led wall lamp manufacturer describes the correct installation of wall lamp

Update:25 Jun 2018

The installation height of various wall lamps should sl […]

The installation height of various wall lamps should slightly exceed the eye level. The illumination of the wall light at about 18 meters height should not be too large, which is more artistic. The choice of wall lamp shades should be determined according to the wall color, and the white or cream colored wall should be appropriate. With light green, light blue shades, lake green and sky blue walls, it is advisable to use milky white, light yellow to evaluate the height of the wall lamp height general wall lamp, 220cm to 265cm away from the ground. You are a restaurant background wall lamp, which is between 180cm and 220cm. According to the shape of your wall lamp, if the shape is thin, it will be about 190cm. If it is not elongated, the ordinary one is about 200cm. However, only the wall lamp of a bedroom lamp is closer to the ground than about 140. There is local lighting during reading, which also increases the relaxed and warm atmosphere. The rear wall of the camera can also be equipped with a small wall lighting line that is soft and can balance the TV. This is relatively low. It's up.