Led wall lamp manufacturers teach you how to identify their advantages and disadvantages

Update:21 May 2018

There are false products in the lighting products on th […]

There are false products in the lighting products on the market. In the process of using the poor quality lighting products, not only is the damage to human eyes more serious, but also in the use of poor quality lighting products, there are still large risk factors, if its quality, It is very dangerous to shut off and burst. As the consumer needs to start from what aspects of the lamp product quality is good or bad?

1, material aspects

The incandescent lamp bulbs of ordinary incandescent lamps are easy to rust. The lamps with better quality are generally made of aluminum alloy and are not easy to rust.

2, the filament

Some of the better fixtures are dual tungsten filaments. The poor fixtures generally use single tungsten filaments.

3, brightness

For the lamp, if the good lamp is a one-time painting of the machine, the brightness is uniform after power is applied, and the poor thing is artificially painted and the brightness is not uniform.

4, the price

Don't just pay for a lamp when you buy a lamp because quality and price are definitely proportional.

5, certification

It depends on the right no 3C certification qualification, and its content review.

6, old and new aspects

The new products may not be mature enough. Don't just choose the latest ones when purchasing, and ignore the old models.