Lighting Art Characteristic Landscape Lamp

Update:16 Sep 2019

Landscape lamp lighting characteristics: good lighting […]

Landscape lamp lighting characteristics: good lighting quality, creating a daytime-like lighting effect, by adjusting the distribution of lamps, can obtain uniform illumination, reduce or avoid glare. By adjusting the power and quantity of lamps and lanterns, the ideal illumination can be obtained. The pole position is far away from the road (beyond 1Om). It is convenient to install and maintain, does not affect traffic, avoids pole collision and other traffic accidents. It can save ground space and reduce the repetition of the consumption of pole cables and infrastructure.

Characteristic Landscape Lamp pursues the characteristics of the outward appearance of lamps and the effect of night scene lighting. Many people like characteristic Landscape Lamp because of its diverse design and different color of lights. Landscape lights will also be installed in some better tourist areas so that people can enjoy them at night. The courtyard lamp pays more attention to the neatness of the exterior and the effect of night lighting. That is to say, the courtyard lamp does not need a variety of, sometimes as simple as possible is also good, the main choice of the courtyard lamp and garden or community style consistent, so it can also give a more harmonious and comfortable feeling.

The essential difference between landscape lamp and courtyard lamp is not great, but the requirements of details are different. Landscape lights mainly play the role of landscape, can be used in squares, parks, courtyards and other places; while courtyard lights mainly play the role of lighting, mainly for the courtyard. It can be said that the courtyard lamp is low-matched by the public, and the landscape lamp from the shape of the design, lighting effect and other aspects will be more demanding.

The design and process of characteristic landscape lamps are very complex, but the courtyard lamps and simple, which is also the difference between them.
In short, landscape lights and courtyard lights are different, but not very different. Landscape light manufacturers believe that their differences can be summarized as different designs, different uses, different lighting levels and different prices.