Lighting principle of landscape lamp

Update:28 Dec 2019

The reason why the landscape lamp can emit colorful lig […]

The reason why the landscape lamp can emit colorful lights to give us a good visual effect is that it has a diffuse light, such as this kind of landscape lamp. Its color has certain scientific basis, not to say. We can set some more complex colors to create a beautiful atmosphere or a beautiful environment. He will match according to the color of our whole space. For example, when the color of a place is too complex and diversified, it will not look good. Let's take a brief look at the principle of a diffuse light in his middle.

When light is emitted on opaque materials with smooth surfaces, such as mirrors and metal mirrors, directional reflection will be generated, with the incident angle equal to the reflection angle and in the same plane; when it is emitted on opaque and rough surfaces, diffuse light will be generated.

The transparency of the material causes the transmitted light to leave the material and transmit in different ways. When the two surfaces of the material are parallel, the direction of the transmitted light and the direction of the incident light remain the same; when the two surfaces are not parallel, the light transmitted is not parallel due to the different refraction angles; the non directional light is called diffuse light, which is generated by a relatively rough surface, or reflected and refracted internally, And caused by relatively large particles inside.

Therefore, his design is also very important to choose this kind of better manufacturer, which also has certain basis.