Matters needing attention in building night scene lighting

Update:24 Aug 2019

In the concept of modern fashionable urbanites, the com […]

In the concept of modern fashionable urbanites, the combination of night scenery and lighting can create a suitable lighting effect for night scenery. "Small Bridge Flowing Water" has another ingenuity, showing carved beams and painted buildings, rainbow flying frames and rippling water at night, making people pleasant and entertaining, forming the effect of changing scenery step by step.

Excellent LED lighting design can change the night appearance of our living environment and natural environment, and use modern high-tech LED lighting design techniques to beautify the attributes of space. Building facades, reservoirs, bridges, water towers, greening and landscape sculptures are the thematic landscapes of dynamic and static integrated water landscape lighting culture, such as water ring roads, mountains, waterfalls, stones, fountains, entry platforms, pools, water pavilions, Glass Gallery bridges, fish viewing pools, shallow water overlapping stone walkways, which highlight a flexible space. The hydrophilic environment gives people a feeling of affection, care, warmth and comfort, promotes intimate human interaction and interesting living environment, and shows the aesthetic embellishment of the water landscape lighting culture in the natural environment.

In the conception of waterscape brightening design, waterscape brightening design requires not only to achieve brightness, but also highly artistic and creative lighting design. In order to cooperate with the ornamentality and visibility of night scene lighting and create a good environment of water scene lighting, lighting designers recommend using LED to illuminate engineering lighting fixtures. Using LED to illuminate engineering lighting fixtures has the characteristics of special shape, small volume, variable color, good hiding, long light source life and low working voltage. Advantages.

In terms of environmental protection and energy saving, LED lighting design can also be used reasonably. Green lighting is conducive to lighting environment and reducing environmental light pollution. The development of high-power white LED light source and combined lighting with solar panels will expand the scope and place of application of LED, which is the key to the eventual entry of LED into the lighting field.