Metal halide lamp

Update:17 Sep 2018

The metal halide lamp is also a kind of high-pressure g […]

The metal halide lamp is also a kind of high-pressure gas discharge lamp. The basic structure is a transparent glass casing and a high temperature resistant quartz glass arc tube. The nitrogen gas or inert gas is injected between the outer casing and the inner tube. Inert gas, mercury vapor and metal halide. The basic working principle of the metal halide lamp: after entering the working state, the vapor of the metal halide diffuses to the arc center of the arc, and is dispersed into metal atoms and halogen atoms under the action of high temperature, and the metal atoms participate in the discharge to emit visible light, when the metal atom and the halogen When the atoms diffuse into the wall area of the periphery of the electric solitary tube, the two combine to form a metal halide.
Advantages and disadvantages of metal halide lamps:
The biggest advantage of metal halide lamps is their high luminous efficiency and long life. Due to the structural form of the lamp body and the metal halide to be filled, the luminous efficacy of the metal halide lamp, the color temperature of the light, and the color rendering property vary greatly. Although the poor metal halide lamp has high luminous efficiency, the color rendering property is poor; the light color emitted by the good metal halogen lamp is close to the white color of natural light, the visual feeling is comfortable, and the color rendering property is also better. The working characteristics of the metal halide lamp are that it cannot be lit immediately, and it takes about 5 minutes to heat up to achieve full brightness output. After the power supply is interrupted, it takes 5-20 minutes to restart the lamp before restarting. Metal halide lamps are sensitive to fluctuations in the supply voltage. When the supply voltage changes by more than 10% above and below the rated value, it will cause a change in color. And different working positions will also affect the color of the light and the life of the lamp.