Netherlands Health Council Advises More Research into LED Lighting Health Effects

Update:18 Dec 2017

The Netherlands Health Council warns that blue LED ligh […]

The Netherlands Health Council warns that blue LED light can cause health issues, according to an article in NLTimes. LEDs are increasingly common for backlighting of smartphones and tablets, and they are being more widely used in new LED-basedlighting. The Health Council released an investigatory and advisory report which stated that a person’s biological clock “controls numerous physiological and behavioral processes”. The report notes that this biological clock “…operates autonomously, but may be affected due to external factors. One of the most important factors is light.”

The researchers discovered that that people are interfering with their melatonin (sleep hormone) production and thus reversing their biological clocks through exposure to bluish LED light in the evenings. Other recent studies have had similar findings.

The report notes that the short term effects of evening exposure to blue wavelengths of light is a shorter period of sleep, reduced attention, and an increased risk of accidents.

The report, which seems to make egregious leaps in medical supposition, says that potential long-term effects of blue LED light exposure (presumably related to the reduced melatonin production, and sleep deprivation) could include the development of cardiovascular disease, obesity, mental disorders, and cancer.

The council contends that consumers must be warned about these risks. The council calls for research and development into products that emit less blue light and further research into the health effects of LED light.