Problems in landscape lighting design of the park

Update:09 Nov 2019

The objective background, glare, overall coordination, […]

The objective background, glare, overall coordination, economy, safety and dynamic effect of the park landscape lighting design are all very important for the lighting design. Next let's take a look.
Problems in landscape lighting design of the park
I. objective background of landscape lighting design project in the park
One is the specific background of the natural environment, including roads, buildings, water bodies, greening, bridges and sculpture decorations in the environment; the other is the abstract human background, including the regional history, function, culture and economic development level. Both the natural environment and the human environment are objective. Lighting landscape is undoubtedly a subjective creation, which must be attached to the original objective background. Therefore, we must deal with the relationship between the theme, style, artistic conception and the natural and humanistic connotation of the region. Specifically, in the lighting engineering design, first of all, it is necessary to understand the history, function, culture and economic development level of the region, so as to further display and publicize the consciousness connotation revealed by the objective background of the region with appropriate lighting, or create new connotation adapted to other regions. Secondly, it is necessary to study and analyze each constituent monomer in the environment, and then, combined with various expression methods of light and color, desalinate or brighten the point, line, surface or body space of each monomer, so as to make the natural scenery and light landscape complement each other.


II. Glare of landscape lighting design in the park
When there is a bright spot or a strong contrast in the field of vision, it will make people's pupil narrow, form a spot in the eye, and destroy people's visual system's adaptation to the surrounding physical space, thus causing discomfort or visual decline. First of all, glare is due to the high brightness of the light source surface. The higher the brightness of the light source is, the more serious the glare is. If the brightness of the light source is certain, then:
1) the darker the surrounding environment, the more significant the glare
2) the closer the distance between the light source and the view point is, the more significant the glare is
3) the larger the apparent area of the light source, the more the number of light sources, and the more significant the glare Glare phenomenon is not new. Many articles have mentioned this problem, which has attracted the attention of most people in the industry, but the problem of glare still occurs from time to time. In the stage of lighting landscape planning, attention should be paid to the minimum installation height of all kinds of lamps and lanterns set in the project, otherwise, the installation position and installation angle of lamps and lanterns should be adjusted or sheltered to prevent them from directly appearing in people's vision.

III. overall coordination of landscape lighting design project in the park
Because people's vision can't choose and choose the individual lights in the field of vision environment, the success of individual lights does not necessarily form a good overall effect. Therefore, when lighting engineering design, especially urban night landscape design and street lighting landscape design, it must have a systematic and overall view, and strive to achieve the whole through continuous, gradual, fluctuating and staggered methods In order to make the system orderly, it is necessary to grasp the unity and change of each lighting landscape on the level of theme, style, artistic conception, etc., and balance and coordinate the brightness, light color, shape and other elements of each part of the lighting unit. Generally speaking, we can achieve the coordination of local and adjacent buildings by means of master-slave relationship and geometric form. By means of linear connection and coordination of light and color, the coordination of wide range and deep vision with street as the theme can be achieved. From the management level, in order to achieve the overall coordination of lighting, the government management departments must intervene as early as possible, macro-control, organize relevant social forces, and carry out unified and comprehensive urban or regional lighting landscape planning, so as to make single lighting planning have evidence.

IV. economy of landscape lighting design in the park
Due to the negligence of management and design or the inadequate level of construction, the landscape lights of many projects have become the regular lights all night long. In the second half of the night, there are fewer pedestrians and cars. How much is the significance of lighting up? After all, the direct result of lighting up is the increase of power demand and the shortening of light source life, which will aggravate environmental pollution. It is generally stipulated that the general night scene lighting will be turned on at the same time with the street light system, and the time of turning off the light is 22:00 in spring and summer, and 21:30 in autumn and winter. This way of turning on the light not only achieves the goal of beautifying the urban environment at night, but also reduces the consumption of electric energy, which is worth popularizing all over the country.


V. safety of landscape lighting design in the park
This is the last mention, but it needs most attention. When selecting the wiring of lamps, the laying method and protection pipe shall be selected according to the relevant national or electrical industry specifications and the laying path of the line. If the steel pipe needs to be worn, the steel pipe must be worn. As for the way of grounding protection, it is suggested that TN-S or TN-C-S protection system should be preferred for lighting engineering, special grounding wire should be set to ground the lamps, supports, metal protection pipes and distribution boxes, and leakage switch should be set to protect the lighting landscape distribution circuit. Because the lamps and electrical circuits of lighting landscape engineering are often arranged outdoors, according to the practical experience of the project, there is inevitably a certain leakage current in the distribution circuit. Therefore, it is recommended to set a leakage switch with leakage action current of 100mA on the distribution branch.
Vi. dynamic effect of landscape lighting design in the park
The development of modern control technology enriches the expression of light, making it possible to move, blink and change colors. The static light increases the blinking light, and the static light produces the moving light, thus increasing the dynamic of light. Dynamic is easy to attract people's attention, can produce vivid and pleasant effects, stimulate people's excited and active mood, and set off a prosperous and lively atmosphere. This method is widely used in festivals, tourist attractions and commercial advertisements. However, the use of such means should be measured and the occasion should be grasped. If there are too many, too long-term movements, flickers and color changes in our vision, people's vision will be disordered, people will feel at a loss, and they will be upset and uneasy. Obviously, the effect is counterproductive.

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