Road lamp usage method and matters needing attention

Update:10 Jun 2019

Usage method 1. According to the actual lighting needs […]

Usage method
1. According to the actual lighting needs of the installation site, determine the appropriate installation mode of lamps (column top and lateral), and adjust the installation bracket. Then prepare the corresponding length of three-core cable according to the distance from the lamp to the power supply connection. 2. Open the latch at the front end of the lamp by hand, open the upper cover of the lamp, and introduce the cable through the hole at the back of the lamp into the lamp chamber. Connect the cable according to the polarity marked on the inner wiring seat of the lamp (the fire wire is connected with L position, the zero wire is connected with N position, the ground wire is connected with ground position), and press the cable with the wire sheet after connecting.
3. Insert the lamp pole into the lead-in hole of the mounting bracket, and choose the appropriate gear to place the lamp pole in the bracket barrel according to the angle of lighting need. Tighten the tightening bolt of the lamp pole to connect the lamp pole and the lamp fixture firmly.
4. When replacing the lamp, unscrew and pull out the lamp holder, unscrew the old lamp, replace the new lamp, and push the lamp holder with the suitable gear (400W lamp uses the outermost gear, 250W lamp uses the inmost gear, the middle gear is used for adjustment) into the lamp chamber and tighten and fix it.
5. Lighting can be realized by closing the top cover of the lamps and locking the buckle and connecting the three-core cable to the electricity market.
Matters needing attention
1. When transporting, fix the lamp in the packaged carton to prevent breaking.
2. When used, there is a certain temperature rise on the surface of lamps and lanterns, which is a normal phenomenon; the central temperature of transparent parts is higher, so they can not be touched.
3. When replacing the bulb, try to use the same type of bulb; if changing the type or power of the bulb, the ballast should be replaced accordingly.
4. Luminaires are only used outdoors; Luminaires can only be used with protective screens intact.
5. The cross-sectional area of external wiring should not be less than 1.5mm.