Several common outdoor lights

Update:03 Apr 2019

Chinese lantern The Chinese lamp has a generous appeara […]

Chinese lantern
The Chinese lamp has a generous appearance and generally has multiple light sources. It is graceful, with high illumination and good landscape effect. It is one of the traditional representative series.

Fireworks light
Chinese reading: yān huā dēng English: fireworks Lamp Fireworks lights have a variety of styles, beautiful appearance, night light can emit colorful brilliance, like a fireworks flash, can be said to be a beautiful scenery at night. Fireworks Light-Parameter Description: Fireworks light is a popular trend of home decoration and engineering decorative lighting. It can be divided into landscape fireworks lights, decorative fireworks lights, LED fireworks lights, energy-saving fireworks lights and other fireworks lights of different uses.

Cherry blossom light
The cherry blossom lamp looks like a tree, and the colorful LED tree light is a new type of simulated landscape light, which is environmentally friendly, long-lasting and beautiful.

Lawn light
Lawn lights are used for lighting around the lawn and are also important landscape facilities. With its unique design and soft lighting, it adds safety and beauty to the urban green landscape. It is easy to install and decorative. It can be used in lawns, pedestrian streets, parking lots, squares and other places such as parks and garden villas. Use 36W or 70W metal halide lamp sodium lamp, the spacing is 6 ~ 10 meters is appropriate.