sodium lamp

Update:10 Sep 2018

Also known as a high pressure sodium lamp is a discharg […]

Also known as a high pressure sodium lamp is a discharge lamp that emits light by sodium vapor discharge. It has high luminous efficiency, long life, good adaptability to the environment, and can work normally under various temperature conditions.
Advantages and disadvantages of sodium lamps:
The size and size of the sodium lamp are large; the color difference is an uncomfortable yellow-white luminescence; the color rendering is poor, and the color rendering index of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps is only 23. Therefore, ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps are mostly used for road lighting and other luminous efficacy and life. High requirements, and areas where light color and color rendering are not required. There is also a modified high color rendering high-pressure sodium lamp with a warm white color and a high color rendering index of 80% or more. This kind of lamp can be used to display the field of lighting, and the energy saving effect is obvious.