What are the techniques of garden lamp?

Update:18 Jan 2020

Today, we are here to talk about the art of garden lamp […]

Today, we are here to talk about the art of garden lamps? Different positions of gardens have quite different requirements for lighting. In order to show the beautiful shapes of buildings, sculptures, flowers, trees, rocks and other sceneries in the garden, the lighting methods should be different according to the scenery, and the light projection should also be changed according to the needs, so as to show their charm at night. The street lights on both sides of the garden road should have uniform and continuous illumination, so as to meet the requirements Security needs. So what is it? Next, let's have a look.

What are the techniques of garden lamp?
The object of garden lighting is different from interior lighting and architectural environment lighting. Its main purpose is to enhance the effect of scenery and create a night landscape. Therefore, in the light source type, we should try to choose the light source with better direction and control ability, and reduce the use of ordinary floodlighting lamps.
The price of courtyard lamp, the production process of cast aluminum is complex, the material cost is high, and the shape is unique. So it is normal that the price is 3-6 times higher than that of steel courtyard lamp. In terms of shape, the cast aluminum courtyard lamp is not necessarily beautiful and peculiar, and the landscape courtyard lamp made of steel material is also very beautiful.

Ensure a uniform illumination. In addition to the uniform location and reasonable distance of the lamps, the height of the lamp post shall be appropriate. The height of the garden lamp is related to its use. Generally, the height of the garden lamp is about 3M; for a large number of people moving space, the height of the garden lamp is generally about 4m to 6m; and the height of the lamp used for scenery matching should be determined according to the situation. In addition, the ratio between the height of the lamp post and the horizontal distance between the lamp posts should be appropriate to form a uniform illumination. The ratio of the height of lamp post to the horizontal distance between lamp posts is generally between 1 / 12 and 1 / 10.

As a lighting tool in the garden, the garden light should be exquisite in shape, coordinated with the environment, combined with the environmental theme, which can give a certain moral meaning, and make it become a garden piece full of interest, such as the sesame blossom garden light in the courtyard of an international agricultural development and research Institute, which symbolizes the scene of harvest; the vase garden light is located in a corner of the lawn, which can cause people to pay attention to the green grass The tree bark sculpture garden lamp stands in the dense forest, and the man-made and the nature are integrated to complement each other. In order to make the small space appear larger, you can only illuminate the necessary parts and put the rest in the shadow; for the large outdoor space, the processing method is the opposite, which will make the large space produce a kind of cordiality.