What is the common height of courtyard lamp

Update:29 Nov 2019

What is the normal height of courtyard lamp? Courtyard […]

What is the normal height of courtyard lamp? Courtyard lamp is mainly used for outdoor lighting. Its height not only affects the lighting effect, but also should be coordinated with the surrounding environment. So, what is the normal height of the courtyard lamp?
Generally, the height of courtyard lamp is 2.5m, 3M, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m and 5m, which are the three most commonly used heights: 3M, 3.5m and 4m.

The specifications of courtyard lamp pole are: 115mm equal diameter, 219mm equal diameter, 140-76mm variable diameter, 140-89mm variable diameter, 165-76mm variable diameter, 165-89mm variable diameter, 165-115mm variable diameter, 100 square pole, 110 square pole, and other square poles.
The prices of different specifications are different. In addition, the lamppost that needs to be embossed or other special-shaped treatment needs to be changed according to different requirements. The lamp cap of courtyard lamp is generally die-casting aluminum, and a few of them are made of copper or alloy. At present, the main products on the market are aluminum, and other materials are generally made by hand with high cost. The transparent parts are made of acrylic plate or PC plate. These materials and tools It has the characteristics of good light transmittance, anti-oxidation ultraviolet, non yellowing and long service life.

The lamp pole of courtyard lamp is made of aluminum or steel, and the exterior is treated by galvanizing, spraying, corrosion prevention and rust prevention. Generally, the surface is coated with fluorocarbon paint and UV resistant powder, which improves the anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance of the lamp pole. The appearance color of the lamp pole can be made according to the relevant requirements of the customer or the sample production provided by the customer.

Anchor cage part: generally, the anchor cage will be used in the filled area with more than 3m of courtyard lamp. The anchor cage is made by the manufacturer, with a height of 25-45cm and a diameter of ∮ 10-12. The larger and longer anchor cage can also be used according to the special environment. This part can be negotiated with the manufacturer. Generally, the installation environment is cement floor or other places with high hardness, which are fixed with expansion screws.