What kind of material is better for garden lights?

Update:24 Dec 2018

The shaft is a very important part of the construction […]

The shaft is a very important part of the construction of the garden lights. So what kind of material is best for the garden light pole? There are three types of shafts for garden lights, one is aluminum garden lights, the other is iron garden lights, and there is a common steel garden light. These three manufacturing processes are different, the grinding tools are different, and the construction period is different. It's different, the complexity is different, and of course the effect is different. If you want to say which one is good, you must first consider the customer's feelings. If the customer likes European style, then choose aluminum and cast iron. If the customer pays attention to the firmness and quality, then choose the garden light of steel material decisively. The reason is yes, there are also reasons. We mainly analyze the solidity, the price of the garden lamp and the workmanship.
1. Firmness, aluminum has a low boiling point and is flexible. It is easily deformed when exposed to high temperatures. It is less stable than steel. It is generally not recommended to use in windy areas. The wall thickness of the steel material can be increased, the stability is high, the supporting force is strong, the wind resistance is up to 36km/s, and the earthquake resistance is above 8.8.
2. The price of garden lamps, the production process of cast aluminum is complicated, the material cost is high, and the shape is peculiar, so the price is 3 to 6 times higher than the garden lamp of steel materials. It is normal. In terms of styling, cast aluminum garden lights are not necessarily the most beautiful and unique, and the landscape garden lights made of steel materials are also very beautiful.
3. Workmanship, the workmanship of cast aluminum and cast iron is much more complicated than that of steel materials. Here, the analysis is based on aluminum. First, the aluminum is burned into a liquid, and then the liquid is transformed into a type by a special abrasive. In the middle, the aluminum rod is engraved with various patterns, and after being dried, galvanized and sprayed. More time and complexity than steel materials. The steel material is only cut into the required conical plates by the steel plate through the shearing machine, and then rolled into a lamp post by the coiling machine once, and then it is beautifully polished by welding, grinding, etc., and then galvanized and sprayed.
Of course, no matter what kind of garden light, it is the first of the landscaping and landscape lighting projects, and can be landscape garden lights.