What lamps and lanterns are used in outdoor landscape lighting project

Update:03 Apr 2020

Lighting engineering lamps are divided into two categor […]

Lighting engineering lamps are divided into two categories: functional lighting and artistic effect lighting
1、 The main functional lighting lamps are: street lamp, high pole lamp, courtyard lamp;
Their main function is to provide professional lamps and lanterns for basic lighting. In addition to energy saving and service life, the control of glare value is the focus of our lighting design.
2、 Artistic effect lamps mainly include: metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, LED spotlight, led wall washing lamp, LED line lamp, LED display screen, underwater lamp, lawn lamp, etc
1. Direct lighting lamp: light is emitted through the lamp, in which 90% - 100% of the luminous flux reaches the assumed working surface, which is direct lighting. This lighting mode has strong contrast between light and shade, and can create interesting and vivid light and shadow effects, which can highlight the dominant position of the working face in the whole environment. However, due to the high brightness, the glare should be prevented. Such as factory, general office, etc., this kind of lamp is mainly metal halide lamp.
2. LED spotlight, led wall washing light, LED line light and LED display screen are mainly suitable for night lighting of buildings, landscapes and gardens. They have the advantages of long life, variable color and low energy consumption.
3. Underwater lamp and lawn lamp are mostly suitable for outdoor garden landscape. Lawn lamp can provide appropriate basic lighting. It is also important to choose the shape and architectural style of lawn lamp.