Where is the wall lamp suitable for installation

Update:28 May 2018

1,Because it is an auxiliary lighting, bedroom bedside […]

1,Because it is an auxiliary lighting, bedroom bedside needs the help of a wall lamp, because the bedroom generally needs auxiliary lighting decoration. In the wall lamp installed on the bedside, it is better to choose the lamp head to adjust the direction, the brightness of the lamp should also be able to meet the reading. Requirements, wall lamp style should be considered and bedding or curtains have a certain echo, in order to achieve a better decorative effect.

2, wall lamp installation location: corridor or living room

In addition to the bedroom need auxiliary lighting, the general living room foyer or aisles and other spaces also need wall lights to assist the lighting, these places of the wall lights should be generally soft lighting, installation height should be slightly higher than the eye level, use the best match Some other decorations, such as an oil painting, a vase decorated with floral arrangements, or a wall frame displaying artworks, are more subtle.

3, wall lamp installation position: before the mirror

In addition to the above two spaces need auxiliary lighting for the wall lamp, the mirror headlights in the bathroom space can also choose to install the wall lamp, the wall lamp installed in front of the bathroom mirror is generally installed in the bathroom mirror above, the best choice lamp head down, the lamp The style can be considered to have a certain echo with the faucet or the handle of the bathroom cabinet.

4, wall lamp installation position: restaurant

For small-sized units, the lighting layout often requires only partial lighting to create a comfortable feeling. For example, a small-sized dining room, if you choose a chandelier, the light may be too bright and dazzling. Hanging chandelier will make the already compact space even more crowded, and choosing a wall lamp with a pair of dining room walls and shades to decorate will make a decorative landscape.

When choosing a wall lamp, you should pay attention to the color matching with the wall, it is best not to choose a wall and a color of the color, with some contrasting color wall lamp sometimes have a good effect.